Since June 2022, I am no longer serving the Bay Area. I have moved to Colorado.
You can find me at:

Personalized solutions for everyday households and businesses.
No judgement, no worries – If that stuff is important to you it is important to me.

Welcome to EMPOWER! Professional Organizing.

I’m Jessica Elix, a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant based in San Jose, CA. I launched EMPOWER! in 2011, and work full-time with residences on their decluttering and organizing needs, and consult with businesses to get the employees and office space more productive and streamlined. In my first year of business I was featured on TV and worked with the Department of Defense – what a whirlwind it has been!

Services Offered


EMPOWER! designs easy to follow decluttering and organizing services:

  • I bring over a decade of experience working with individuals and households with differing needs including:

    • Special needs households (ADD/ADHD, processing disorders, physical disabilities, depression and anxiety)
  • Processing items after a death in the family

  • Older Adults

  • Paper and filing systems (physical and digital)

  • Home office, distance learning, homeschool space set-up

  • General decluttering and organizing needs for people who:

    • “I just can’t do it on my own!”
    • “I’m better with someone with me.”


EMPOWER! offers productivity services:

  • Employee work-flow assessment

  • Establishing a personal or professional mission and/or goal statement

  • Task-management solutions (i.e. to-do list management, priority lists)

  • Remote work on Standard Operating Procedures

  • Paper and filing systems (physical and digital)

  • Supply room space flow and organizing

Mission & Approach

EMPOWER! Professional Organizing’s mission is to find a personalized and solution-based system to achieve greater productivity by increasing order and structure.

I find that working side-by-side with clients yields a longer lasting result. I am not a company that typically comes in and does a complete home overhaul without your, the client’s, involvement. I am a company that takes the way you process things, your emotions, and the flow of your household and business into consideration. I ask a lot of questions initially because my goal is to have the system that we come up with work for the long haul.

  • Step 1: Free phone/zoom consultation (~15 minutes)

  • Step 2: In-person consultation (if local)

  • Step 3: Start organizing and productivity sessions (typically 3-hours)

Sessions are scheduled on the needs of the clients, and I have clients who book:

  • One (1) appointment
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly/seasonal
  • Special project

Why a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant?

We bring an unbiased and judgement-free set of eyes to your space, and the physical and digital clutter that might encompass it.


What do clients say?

Hiring Jessica was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I never thought I could live in a house that stayed in order, but now everything has a place! Jessica is kind, non judgemental, observant and helped me achieve my goals.

Sarah N.

She [Jessica] is an incredibly hard worker, will keep you motivated and get your organized

My sales business was growing quickly and I needed assistance with hiring a new employee and getting them up-to-speed as quickly as possible because I didn’t have the time… Jessica helped identify what was best to go after and she implemented processes accordingly, including standard operating procedure documentation for all tasks.

… She made everything so easy to locate that we have been able to maintain her great work. We can now locate each individual container and keep track of our inventory with such ease, that our business runs much more efficiently