Making your guests feel welcome is a wonderful way to begin a visit. Whether your guests are staying for one night, or for an extended period of time, here are some tips to help them feel comfortable during their stay.

  1. Power-Strip: Equipping your guest room with an easily accessible power strip is one of the most important items to add. Help prevent your guests from moving the furniture to use those highly sought after outlets.
  2. Hanging Space: Create a space for your guests to hang their clothes. You have the option to create this space in a closet, or on a hook behind the door. Have extra hangers on hand if needed.
  3. Towels: Make sure that you leave towels (bath, hand, and washcloth) in the guest room. Your guests can freshen up at the time that they desire, without searching for towels.
  4. Pillows and Blankets: Have extra sleeping pillows available that vary in firmness, and lay an extra blanket at the foot of the bed. Keep in mind some guests may be allergic to down filling. Your guests need the option of changing out pillows and/or adding extra warmth.
  5. Drinking Glass: In the middle of the night, one of the last things your guests will want to do is venture into your dark kitchen to find a glass for water. Have a glass in plain sight available for your guests.
  6. Ask Questions: What time do your guests normally wake up? Do they drink coffee? Do they shower at night, or in the morning? Get to know your guests’ routine to prevent awkward moments.
  7. Be available: If your guests need anything (toiletries, hair dryers, or access to laundry room) make sure that your guests know that all they need to do is ask!

Create a space that is comfortable for your guests that has the items they need to feel welcome and settled.