Digital clutter – yes, we’re going to go there. It’s a weight that you literally carry around in your pocket on a daily basis. It conveniently fits in your hand, is at your fingertips, and surrounds you. If you feel the weight – if it’s tough to put it down – if you get itchy, feel anxiety, or maybe even bliss when you walk away from the digital clutter – these tips are for you.

Bonus: If you watch the video, you get to see one of the many hairstyles that I’ve had in the last decade. Now, I’m embracing the richness of my true brunette self with the sparkles of grey mixed in. My hair likes to change constantly, much like our digital world. What do you do to keep up?

7 Ways You Need to Organize Your Desktop
(and Your Life)

On the third Monday of October, people celebrate National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day by doing just that — making sure their desktops are cleaned. Most people find it challenging to organize their computer desktops in a meaningful, intuitive way. Here are seven strategies you can use to get organized.

Digital Clutter

If you feel like you’re being overwhelmed by Digital Clutter, check out this quick presentation I gave last year that can help you start getting all of your devices under control!