While this may not be the typical February of love that we frequently see featured in romance films (candlelit dinners, long moonlit walks, gazing closely into a loved one’s eyes), there are different ways to embrace love and admiration. So, I lovingly challenge you –
  • What can you do to show love in your community?
  • Who can you connect with that has been recently on your mind?
You know that neighbor that has a constant battle with those pesky spiky-balls that get dropped from that overgrown Liquid Amber in their yard? Rake them up for them!
Spend a few minutes thinking about the love that you bring to yourself and your surroundings. If you aren’t in love with your space, what changes can you make to appreciate it for what it is (and not for what it’s not)?
Here to help you in your quest to love your space.

8 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Over time, the home that you fell in love with can lose its luster. Learn to love it again with these easy home improvement ideas.


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Try Something New!

February is Bake For Family Fun Month so this month is the perfect time to get in the kitchen with the whole family! Kids love spending time with mom and dad in the kitchen. Here’s a slew of easy baking recipes your kids can (almost) make all by themselves!