What hobbies and crafts did you pick up during this past year? Regardless if you are a knitter, bread maker, exercise enthusiast, or master puzzle doer, chances are if you’ve learned a new skill it came with some stuff. I am absolutely a fan of a well-placed pegboard and S-hook to lend a hand at organizing items. What’s your favorite go-to to organize your hobbies?

11 Workshop Storage Ideas
to Cut Down the Clutter

Try these creative ideas to store tools, brushes, and more—and keep your workspace clean and tidy.


Professional Recommendation:
Women’s Networking Alliance

March is Women’s History Month, and in the spirit of celebrating women and our achievements, I would love to tell you about an organization that means a lot to me. I have been a member of the Women’s Networking Alliance since February 2012. WNA is all about relationship-based networking for women business owners. The organization is built on the idea that if we build relationships, our businesses will grow! I am a member of Chapter 111 in San Jose, but I invite you to check out any of the 12 chapters in the Bay Area, the Greater Phoenix area, or the virtual chapter.


Try Something New!
Creative hobby ideas for adults

Do you want to learn a new craft but don’t know where to start? Check out this list of crafting ideas from Gathered. Whether you’re a complete craft newbie, or just looking for some new hobby ideas, there’s a whole world of craft hobbies for you to try!