Frequently Asked Questions

FAQWhy should I hire a professional organizer?

Professional Organizers are hired to help make your home or business more organized. Whether you need assistance organizing your home, office, or business, EPO is skilled to assist in each project. EPO is with you each step of the way, guiding and coaching you to a more organized lifestyle.

I know how to get organized; I just don’t know where to start. Can I book with EPO?

Of course! A 3-hour Jump Start appointment may be just what you need to get on the right track.

Why should I hire EPO?

EPO works with you to find the right organization for your learning style, or based on a combined style in a household or business. EPO gets to know how you think, process things, and how you use your current space. Then, EPO recognizes and implements the correct solution for you. A personalized solution is found for each client, and each project.

Do I have to buy products to help me get organized?

In most cases, absolutely not! It is the philosophy of EPO that items in your home or business can be reused and repurposed to provide you the level of organization that you need. If you would like to purchase products, EPO will gladly offer plenty of suggestions of products to buy. In some cases, however, certain organizing products are useful in completing a project.

How much will this cost, and how long will it take?

The cost and time depends on your project. Oftentimes, a typical kitchen can be re-organized in one 3 hour appointment. However each project holds its own breakthrough, unknowns, and challenges. For garages, it’s important to set aside a full day (sometimes a weekend) to get it de-cluttered and re-assessed. EPO can only work as fast as the client can make decisions – the quicker you can make decisions, the speedier the process! EPO generally works at a pace that is 2-steps higher than the client’s typical working pace.

Does EPO have a team?

EPO is run and operated by its owner, Jessica Elix. Jessica contracts assistance when necessary on larger projects, resulting in a hourly quote. EPO pays the assistance directly.

Where does EPO travel to?

Although EPO is based in San Jose, Jessica travels throughout the Bay Area. EPO also has a client base in El Dorado County (above Sacramento). She has also done work in multi-million dollar estates in San Diego.

I’m embarrassed of my home. Will you tell people about me?

The relationship between Client and Organizer is extremely personal, and confidential. It is in our Client-Organizer Agreement that all aspects of you personal and business life are kept confidential.

Will you take pictures of my space?

Yes. With your signed permission, I will take pictures of you space at our in-person consultation, and at the conclusion of the project. Before & After pictures are quite extreme, and are great ways to actually see the transition of the space. Pictures will never contain any personal information, landmarks, or additional features that will cause a stranger to know who you are.

Should I clean up before you come over?

Nope! The best way for EPO to assess your space is to see how it normally looks. Cleaning up before EPO arrives gives an unclear representation of the space. Although it may be difficult, please resist the urge to tidy up ahead of time!

Will you give me homework?

Yes! Ultimately, EPO wants you to stay organized on your own. Together, the client and organizer come up with a few ‘homework’ tasks that the client should accomplish before the next appointment.