How it Works


EMPOWER! Professional Organizing’s mission is to find a personalized and solution-based system to achieve greater productivity by increasing order and structure.


I find that working side-by-side with clients yields a longer lasting result. I am not a company that typically comes in and does a complete home overhaul without your, the client’s, involvement. I am a company that takes the way you process things, your emotions, and the flow of your household and business into consideration. I ask a lot of questions initially because my goal is to have the system that we come up with work for the long haul.

I know that every space and every person is different, and so my process and approach to each job is ‘people first’ focused. I come from a long line of engineers, mental health professionals, and business owners. My father is an engineer and mother is a retired therapist. With that DNA make-up, there’s no doubt in my mind that I found the perfect career – and passion!

Most of my clients have the skills to be organized and productive, but for some reason are not applying the skills in the correct way. Most of the skills were learned as a child that are then taken into adult-hood. Not every person maintains their space in the same way, so no one solution works for everyone. For example, a person who is right-handed should set up their desk, kitchen, or work-space different from someone who is left-handed. It is those characteristics that I take into consideration.

Appointments are scheduled on the needs of the clients, and I have clients who book:

  • One (1) appointment
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly/seasonal
  • Special project

In hopes to cut environmental impact, EMPOWER! strives to re-use and repurpose items already in your home or office to increase organization. Oftentimes, you have what you need to be organized, but the product is not being used in the correct capacity. I do not want to give you a shopping list of ‘must buy’ before or after an appointment. However, there are plenty of products and systems out there that may be helpful to increase your organization. I will always suggest those products, and will work with you to find the exact product for your needs and budget.

What is a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant?

I think a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant’s job description varies depending on the client’s needs. Ultimately, they come up with solutions that are specific to the client, and specific to the client’s project. That person works in collaboration with the client while striving to create an easy transition incorporating system into daily activities.

Why choose me (Jessica Elix) at
EMPOWER! Professional Organizing?

  • This is my full-time job, not a part-time hobby.

  • I hold and maintain a business license with the City of San Jose

  • I hold and maintain business insurance

  • I am registered in SAM (approved contractor for government work)

  • There is a confidentiality clause in client agreement

  • Ability to work with age 3 years – 103+

  • We work together to achieve your personal goals by engaging in conversation and active listening

  • AND – I can work independently on take-home projects
    AND – I can work independently at your home or office

  • Working with couples doesn’t scare me!

  • Extensive work in non-profit management and structure

  • Extensive work with people who have disabilities (intellectual/physical), Veterans, fragile emotions, and older adults

  • We’ll try to first repurpose what you already have, rather than purchase new products

Interview the Professional Organizer
and Productivity Consultant!

  • Make sure you connect with the person on the phone!

  • Ask their process

  • Give a hypothetical scenario

  • Ask the days they work, appointment times

  • Ask rates

  • Ask if they charge by the hour, appointment, project, offer discounts for packages, etc.

  • Do they offer a consultation? Is it free, paid, or applied to first appointment if booked?

  • What sets them apart from others in the industry?



Not only do I want you to be healthy and safe, I want to keep myself and my family healthy and safe. In response to COVID-19 and under the guidelines of the County of Santa Clara, I have documented health and safety protocols. Those protocols are electronically distributed to new clients prior to the first in-person meeting. In person meetings are also confirmed at least 48-hours in advance and confirm any health changes.

Policies and Gunk :

  • Agreements:

      • All clients must sign a standard electronic Client-Organizer Agreement prior to their first appointment. This includes a separate COVID-19 healthy and safety protocol
  • Payment:

      • In typical circumstances, payment is appreciated in cash or check at the conclusion of the appointment. If contactless payment/invoicing is preferred, clients may pay with a debit, credit, or ACH using Quickbooks Online.
      • Receipts are emailed to clients
      • Special projects are billed as agreed upon
  • Gift Cards:

      • Gift cards can be purchased for willing recipients. Please contact me for additional details.
  • Cancellation:

      • Parties must provide at least 48 hours notice of an appointment cancellation/change in order to avoid fees.
  • No texting:

      • I know how convenient texting is, but it’s not how I communicate with clients. I simply forget to text back! Please call or email so we can keep our communication skills spot on.