What’s with a person’s pattern to start something, and not finish it? There could be a number of factors that contribute to the ‘start and not finish’ pattern. Feeling stuck and frozen in time are common contributors to project completion, and it oftentimes seems easier to walk away. Someone in my life recently told me that in her world, “Later just doesn’t exist.” Read on below to learn about 5 ways to hang in until the end and finish what you start.

In the celebration of completing things – It’s the final 3/3 of our purge series! Recently, closets seem to be many clients’ main focuses. It’s interesting how clothing – the sheer amount, the incorrect size, outdated styles – can weigh a person and their space down. So, check out a nice article below that offers you step-by-step solutions to purging your closet. You’ll feel lighter all around!

As this new year is off to a steady start, I offer encouragement as you continue to move forward. Let me know how I can help in knocking those “I’ll do it later” tasks off of your list. If I can’t properly help you, I can help connect you to someone who can.


5 Ways to Finish What You Start
(and Why You Often Don’t)

We’ve all done it: start something new and then leave it unfinished. But if it’s a frequent—and distressing—pattern, here’s how you can deal with it.

How to Purge Clothes & Organize Them

Time to purge clothes, clear the clutter, make some money and finally organize your clothes with these easy to follow, step by step instructions!