October is by far my favorite month. I find solace in the trees losing their leaves, making way for new growth. Isn’t that what we hope for in life, and in decluttering? We shed the old and the things that are weighing us down, allowing newness to enter our lives. That newness happens over time, and it’s necessary to prepare our space (external and internal) for the newness to transpire.

As we prepare ourselves for fall, I urge you to try something new, a bit daring, and yummy… like a new pizza recipe (read on below)! Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone can be challenging. But for me, if that reward is a delicious piece of pie, then I’m game.

Happy Autumn!

Lower Your Holiday Stress

Join me for a conversation with Kanesha Baynard of Bold Living Today as we discuss how organizing benefits the whole body and how planning (i.e. being productive) can help lower stress during the holidays.
October 28 at 12 PM Pacific
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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Before the weather grows colder it’s important to prepare for the winter months to prevent costly damage. Check out this list of fall preventative home maintenance steps that every homeowner should follow.


Try Something New!

National Pizza Month

If you are looking for some ways to shake things up in your life, I encourage you to try some thing new! October is National Pizza Month, so with that in mind, why not try a new twist on an old favorite? The best thing about pizza, aside from automatically putting us in a better mood, is that there are endless ways to enjoy it. If you’re looking to try a new slice of pie, here are 25 unique pizzas you’ll totally want to bake up this weekend.