Welcome to month 2 of 3 where we focus our attention on the benefits of ‘the purge’. With our holidays all around us, it’s amazing how much extra stuff can enter our domains. Gifts from colleagues, boxes of cookies, trinkets from classmates – all things that take decisions to process. Before you become overwhelmed with ‘What am I supposed to do with this??’ fill up a few bags of things that can be donated, recycled, or thrown away to help make space.
It’s wonderfully cleansing to drop gifts at the toy donations bin, have the children in your life part with some of their toys to make room for new ones, and even pass on that extra cookie. Don’t fret – if you don’t have the bandwidth to do the pre-holiday purge, well, pre-holiday, it’s never too late. Change is change, and progress is progress.
Happy holidays from my family to yours – may the end of your year be wrapped with love, joy, and intention.

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