Thank you! Happy Holidays! You did it. Atta-boy! Atta-girl! One step (day) at a time. It takes a village. Onwards and upwards. Grateful, blessed. SIGH. Pick whatever greeting resonates with you ?

Whatever you celebrate this year, please take a few moments to celebrate what you’ve overcome. Celebrate what you’ve been through – worked through – accomplished. As I ponder this year, I can get easily bogged down by what went wrong. How I wasn’t a good enough ___________, how I failed at _____________. But, I choose to keep my focus and attention on what was good. A lot of good has come out of 2020 for me, and although some days it’s challenging to focus on those good things, I know that when my mindset turns toward the good I have the ability to live a more fulfilling life.

So, let me say thank you. Thank you for showing up each day, thank you for making it through to now.

From my family to yours, happy holidays! May you reflect back on 2020 and move forward into 2021 with openness.

How to Support Small Businesses –
with 100+ Gift Ideas to Get You Started

The busiest shopping season of the year is upon us. While there’s no indication that the pandemic will stop the holiday surge, the way we shop has changed forever.
An increase in online shopping and adoption of alternative delivery methods are the most obvious trends. But what the pandemic has also uncovered—call it a silver lining—is an increased sense of community. We are all in this together. And our communities rely on the small businesses at the heart of them.

Try Something New!

Operation Santa Paws

If you are looking for some ways to shake things up in your life, I encourage you to try something new! December is Operation Santa Paws month! Millions of animals world-wide end up in shelters, and there simply aren’t enough resources to support them all. This is where Operation Santa Paws comes in. This event is not only about the animals, as without the support of those individuals who dedicate themselves to their welfare, there’d be nowhere for them to go. Please consider supporting your favorite shelter!