This past eternity (well, 14 months) people have been surrounded by their same stuff and making more decisions to declutter items. I’ve had many conversations with different generations about what to do with their family photos. How does one keep the historical feel and ensure that people aren’t forgotten in future generations? What will my kids want me to pass on? And while a person is unable to project what will be important 100 years from now, creating a legacy of digitized photos is something that will likely be more cherished than a few thrown-together boxes of loose photos. Taking the time to scan the photos now is recommended to keep the family tree thriving.
If you’re a DIYer, here’s a fantastic personal scanner – Epson FastFoto. While it has some limitations (can’t scan slides or polaroids), I can tell you I’ve spent countless hours using this scanner (and even have one of my own) and it has a simple interface.

Six Steps to Digitizing Your Family Photos

So what do you do with boxes full of old photos? The answer is to digitize them, and here are six steps to get the job done.

Great Home Project:
How to Display Your Digital Photos

Now that you’ve digitized your photos, what do you do with them? Move photos from your digital library to your computer screens, digital frames, TVs and more and enjoy them all over again!

Try Something New!

May is Barbecue Month, so it’s time to dust off that grill (whether literally or figuratively) and try something new! Here are 35 grilling recipes from around the globe. These ethnically inspired recipes are bursting with flavor. Your next favorite meal is waiting for you. Simple, easy, and delicious!