I welcomed March 2021 with open arms. Wahoo! EMPOWER! Professional Organizing celebrated its 10th anniversary last month! Over the last 10 years in business, I have gotten married, had 3 kids, worked with hundreds of Veterans, and continued to steadily grow my business. Like many, I took some big hits in 2020. I am thankful for my family, clients, and their resilience and flexibility. It is because of my clients and their commitment to virtual organizing sessions that helped me provide for my family. So, for that I am deeply thankful.
As things were in a constant state of shifting, I decided to get even more uncomfortable in my personal and professional growth. I dug deep with the question in my head of, “Something is missing. What’s next for me?”.
I am truly excited to finally announce that I have launched Ignite Possibilities.
Ignite Possibilities is for individuals who desire focused growth and need space to solve their professional and personal challenges and identify goals to live a more value driven life.
I love organizing and productivity, and I love seeing the success unfold in people’s lives. Maintaining these two businesses is the best of both worlds. Thank you for your commitment to change and growth.

Ignite Possibilities

With Ignite Possibilities, a space is provided for people to establish tools to move forward with purpose.