Why is it such a challenge to let things go?? When it comes to sentimental and memorabilia items, many individuals have a story behind the item. Holding the special item takes the person back in time to the memory – to the place, to the people, to the emotion. So what’s the best approach to deciding what to let go of?

There’s not a single approach that works for everyone. Have you ever tried to take a stick away from a toddler? Without question, it’s the most amazing stick in the world and they can’t live without it and they roll on the ground in frustration screaming, “That’s my stick! Don’t take it away! It’s special to me!!” Maybe that’s just an experience that I’ve had – but I’m guessing in some way you can relate, and get where I’m going.

Over time, the memories and feelings associated with items age and change. It’s completely reasonable (and normal) to get hung up on certain items that are more challenging to let go of.

So, as you’re sorting through these things, and get hung up on something, revisit the moment that the item takes you back to. Then ask yourself: “What would I tell my inner toddler to encourage them to let go?”.

How to Let Go of Stuff with Sentimental Value

Every year, National Old Stuff Day falls on March 2. It’s the perfect reminder for people across the country to clean out their closets and garages, rediscover old treasures, and declutter their lives. Letting go of possessions is not easy. If you’re having a hard time decluttering sentimental items, this article can help.

Try Something New

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