I’ll keep it short! I’m sheltering in place in the Silicon Valley, along with my three kids (Kindergarten, 3.5 yrs and 8mo) and my husband, dog and cat, too! It’s important to keep structured and digitally safe during this time of digital meetings and distance learning. If you need help getting virtually organized (Email management, special projects, online storage, distance learning schedules), I’m here to assist!
Stay digitally safe, stay healthy, and be kind to yourself!

Organizing While Quarantined WNA Success Series

While staying home 24/7, are you finding that your home is holding back your success? We all have spaces that we wish were more organized, and the clutter can really hold us back! Join this panel for tips, tricks, and must do’s during this work from home time!
Thursday, April 23, 2020
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT

How To Make Your Kids Responsible And Productive

Raising responsible and productive children can seem like an uphill battle in today’s world. Kids are exposed to technology that provides instant gratification in most areas of their lives. It takes a concerted effort to make kids responsible and productive when it comes to chores, homework, and other responsibilities.
Here are a few ways to make your kids responsible and productive.
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Digital Safety for the Whole Family

Common Sense Media

Since 2003, Common Sense has been the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools. Every day, millions of parents and educators trust Common Sense reviews and advice to help them navigate the digital world with their kids.
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Do’s and don’ts of videoconferencing security

Do’s and don’ts of videoconferencing security

Digital safety isn’t just important for our kiddos! These tips for companies and end users should help keep meetings private and safe from intruders.

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