Enough with the physical clutter, let’s talk about digital clutter! It’s everywhere… on our phones, on our laptops, on the cloud, in our multiple emails. It’s easy to forget about, or simply just cover up, digital clutter. Let’s face it, you can just upgrade for more storage without actually dealing with digital items. I don’t think many of us would just buy a larger home when our current place becomes overwhelmed with clutter. We would take the time to go through things. Just like your physical items, clearing out and organizing the digital clutter takes a well thought out approach and time to accomplish.

What small, digital decluttering project can you commit to completing before June rolls in? Can you declutter a few digital folders? Can you scan through April 2020’s photos on your phone and delete the bad ones, and work backward from there? Can you sort a bit of your inbox and delete items that you really don’t need?

You can do it! I can’t wait to hear what you crossed off your digital to-do list ?

How to Spring Clean Your Digital Clutter to Protect Yourself

You don’t have to get your hands dirty to do the most important spring cleaning of the year. Check out this great article about cleaning up your digital clutter!


Mobile Backup Guide
For iPhone and Android

Having a complete backup strategy doesn’t just mean backing up your laptop or desktop. As phones and other mobile devices increase in popularity, so does the amount of data that people store on their mobile devices. It is becoming increasingly important to have a good mobile backup strategy, in addition to the one that you may have for your laptop or desktop.


Save Time by Setting Up Rules
in Outlook and Gmail

Slogging through numerous emails every day takes time. Declutter your Inbox by taking advantage of Microsoft Outlook’s and Google Gmail’s filtering functionality.


Dealing with Digital Clutter

If you are a business owner, I would love to have you join me for a Virtual Visitor Day for Women’s Networking Alliance. I will be presenting about Digital Clutter. If you’ve been thinking about ways to expand your business, I would highly recommend checking this meeting out!
Tuesday, May 19, 2020
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM PDT