It’s the month of hearts, football, and spring is in the air in San Jose (already???). This month, my focus is on giving your computers and software some attention and getting those things cleaned up. Plenty of studies are showing that people are spending more and more time looking at screens – often more time than a person sleeps in a day. Just like you give yourself some time to decompress and bathe, your computers and software are in need of a little R&R as well. So, read on to see some tips to get your digital life the care that it needs.

My calendar is starting to fill up, with availability about 4-weeks out. If you’re an existing client with a signed agreement, I encourage you to schedule a bit out.

How to clean your computer:
Software and hardware

Cleaning your computer’s hardware and software is important for a lot of reasons. Here’s how to practice clean computing.

How to Declutter your Computer in 4 Steps

National Clean Out Your Computer Day is February 14. It’s best to save your sanity by keeping files straight from the start, but if you’re already neck-deep in digital clutter, here are some great tips for getting your files in order!

Try Something New

Support a New NPO

Supporting community organizations always feels good. But maybe you would like to support something new but aren’t sure where to start! Nonprofit List is a private organization dedicated to listing, rating, and promoting awareness of nonprofit agencies around the United States. There are over 2800 NPOs in CA alone on this list, and they very well may be organizations that you’ve never heard of. So why not try something new and support a new, local charity that could really use your help?