Road TripThe summer months are quickly approaching, which means that mini-vacations and trips are also coming up! For the first EMPOWER! Professional Organizing newsletter, I wanted to share some tips to help keep you organized and refreshed for your upcoming summer trips.

  1. Begin Packing List Early: It’s easy to forget to pack certain items if you are rushing around at the last minute. Start a list well in advance with the items that you need to bring. Consider saving this list on your computer to use for future trips, or use an app like Cozi Family Calendar to help organize your lists.
  2. Days Approaching: Get all your errands done earlier in the week. Gas up the car, get snacks/drinks for the trip, give the key to whoever is watching the house, etc. Completing these things early will reduce your stress level.
  3. Plan Things To Do: It’s too easy to throw on a movie, listen to headphones, and start a vacation off without interactions. Have each person come up with a list of 5 things to do during your travels. These could be games, conservation topics, or jokes and stories to tell. Rekindle the relationships at the beginning of the trip – laugh, be silly, and have fun!
  4. Unplug: Vacations should be vacations. It’s about family bonding and spending time with loved ones. Make all attempts to unplug from social media, refrain from checking and returning work related calls/emails, and depending on your smart devices. Focus on your surroundings and let your body become refreshed and renewed.

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