What Others Say

“I recently had to move and was not prepared. We went from a 3/2.5 bedroom/ bath townhouse to a 2/2 bedroom/bath and had to downsize quite a lot. I did as much as I could before moving but needed help once I moved in. Jessica has been a lifesaver. She works so hard and is able to be extremely sensitive and helpful with the emotional baggage that comes along with having to reduce clutter and downsizing. I highly recommend her and will be using her services when needed during big life changes. One thing I wanted to add about Jessica also, is that she helps you learn skills so that you won’t need her later on. Her techniques were so educating and helpful. I really feel like I have permanent solutions in my home now. she is also insightful with ADD and ADHD organizing issues. ” 

– Lilia M., Yelp.com

“I hired Jessica Murray [Elix] to help streamline my business. My sales business was growing quickly and I needed assistance with hiring a new employee and getting them up-to-speed as quickly as possible because I didn’t have the time. Additionally, I needed many other parts of my business made more efficient. Jessica helped identify what was best to go after and she implemented processes accordingly, including standard operating procedure documentation for all tasks. She doesn’t hesitate to act and solve problems. Jessica was able to navigate a fairly large company with ease to get the right information from the right people. We have followed her blueprints to this day. She is very punctual and keeps her clients on their toes and on top of their respective projects. This was necessary at times during our contract period due to periods of high intensity workloads that would come up with no notice. Jessica handled it with the utmost professionalism. I sit here today, a year after hiring Jessica on a consultative basis, with immense appreciation for what she was able to bring to my sales team. We have been so busy that it took this long for me to finally have a moment to sit back and reflect on our collective successes over this past year. Our business is thriving and we are very excited for more growth and success in 2013. I would be happy to recommend Jessica to anyone out there who may be searching for the right professional organizer, recruiter and/or business consultant – she does it all!”

– Adrian Giovenco, Sales Engineer at TRANE

“When Chris and I moved from our 2000 plus square foot homes into a condo at the Villages, we were paralyzed with “STUFF”!  Several years ago Chris’s wife had died and I had gone through an emotional divorce so we had a lot of baggage with our “STUFF”.  Jessica is 1/3 our age, yet showed the wisdom of a much older soul as she gently walked us through piece by piece of our memories and lifetimes with our former spouses.  Our new relationship was also a challenge that Jessica showed amazing insight and common sense with. I don’t think we would have ever seen the car in the garage if it had not been for Jessica and her tireless hard work including countless numbers of trips to Good Will and filling out every item for tax write offs! Do not think, wait, pause or pass Go without calling EMPOWER to help you organize anything. Jessica is the top in her field.” 

– Kellen and Chris, San Jose, CA

“Jessica Murray [Elix] is extremely organized and personable, making her very easy to work with. We hired her through EMPOWER! Professional Organizing to organize our storage unit, taking piles of stacked boxes and making each of them accessible and easy to find. She went above and beyond by labeling the different boxes, putting them into logical sections according to what each one contained, and she created a system for us to keep track of our inventory. She made everything so easy to locate that we have been able to maintain her great work. We can now locate each individual container and keep track of our inventory with such ease, that our business runs much more efficiently.” 

– World Cup Soccer Camps and Clinics by Ruedi Graf

“Jessica, you have made an impression on hundreds of Veterans and their entire families… You should know that not a single veteran that was there, wouldn’t take a moment to Salute you for all that you did. Your actions, and the actions of those around you that you inspired to become better than they thought possible, have made a lasting impression on not only myself, but my wife, and ALL of my brothers and sisters that were there at the event. Thank you from the very depth of my soul for all your efforts and your inspiring dedication to veterans. It may not mean much, but I for one Salute You, and am truly humbled to be able to say that I know you, and have had the honor of seeing you in action.”

Veteran with a disability & athlete who competed in Valor Games Far West


“Jessica spends time asking questions about your daily use of items, then makes a plan on the best organization practices.  I can say that after over a month now, we still have our kitchen set up exactly as Jessica had initially advised us to.”

– New home owner, San Jose, CA

“The owner is a detailed and organized thinking professional. She gives accurate appraisal of time, materials and organizational needs. She organized my kitchen and garage so that both are functional.” 

– Former Educator, San Jose, CA

“I called EMPOWER! Professional Organizing (Jessica) when I was moving my small business from one location to another. Jessica was able to come in and help me organize files (according to my style), get up to date on latest technology (even paperless), re-arrange (actually organize) paperwork, and set up systems. She was very helpful in a non-judgmental way – I was a bit embarrassed at the state of things. She was fabulous with my stuff and with me!” 

– GLS., Folsom, CA

“She [Jessica] is an incredibly hard worker, will keep you motivated and get your organized. I have now used her to help organize the entire house and garage. It was a lot of sessions (we had a lot of mess/clutter), and now I am wondering why it took me so many years to decide to do it. Well worth it!! My life is so much calmer and more peaceful now.”

– May D., Mountain View, CA