The Organizing Process

1. Phone Consultation: Complimentary, approximately 20 minutes

phoneWhen you first reach out to EPO, a complimentary phone interview/consultation is conducted to make sure that we are able to assist you properly. During the phone call, you will discuss your space, task, and project that you would like assistance with. EPO will ask questions about what you hope to accomplish and what your end goal is. This phone call is a getting to know you time. Please feel free to ask the organizer questions as well. At the end of this conversation, an In-Person Consultation can be scheduled if EPO is the correct company for the project.

2. In-Person Consultation: Complimentary, approximately 30 minutes

4.1.1For this meeting EMPOWER! Professional Organizing will meet you at your location and assess your project’s needs. The in-person assessment is intended for you to show EPO the project(s) that you need assistance with. Organizing is a personal process, and it is important that you get along with and trust the professional organizer. In special cases, this step may be skipped based on your needs and zip-code.

3. Follow-Up Appointments: Lengths Vary

During follow-up (or sometimes called maintenance) appointments, EPO will work with you to help you meet your goals. For follow-up appointments, a minimum of 3 hours is booked. In most cases it is requested that you be available to work with the organizer. This way, the organizer is helping to complete the project based on your style and needs. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Special projects have flexible hourly minimums and considerations.