Organize Your Business or Non-Profit

For businesses and non-profits, finding the right organized process is very beneficial in establishing a positive working environment for the management team and employees. Oftentimes, it takes an outsider’s point of view to notice HOW the office-place can run more efficiently.  More efficiency increases productivity in the workplace. Because organizational techniques vary by business, EPO strives to understand the business’ organization type and needs in order to come up with a business-specific solution. Creating a clear, concise, and structured atmosphere is important to personnel development.

EPO can help organize your business or non-profit by:

  • Establishing filing system and filing procedures
  • Writing your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Writing your Code of Conduct or other rules
  • Writing personnel procedures, job descriptions, etc.
  • Offer key points to increase customer satisfaction
  • Basic website design and management using site like iPage or GoDaddy
  • Research and implementation on options specific to the company’s needs
  • Office space arranging
  • Database entry
  • Going paperless (paperLESS does not equal paperFREE)


Check out the Before & After Photo Gallery to see how an organizing session can make all the difference in your workspace!