Special Projects & Contract Work

Special projectsOftentimes, businesses (or individuals) require an outside individual to assist with tasks that regular employees may not be able to accomplish. Special projects require a minimal assessment time. Special projects are billed either on a bi-monthly per-hour basis, or a flat rate. Special projects can typically be completed onsite or offsite, and are completed by an agreed upon timeframe. Special projects include:

  • Job descriptions
  • Sorting through job applications for team expansion
  • Database input
  • Re-formatting documents (i.e. contracts, cookbooks)
  • Project Management
  • Special event/project management
    For an example of a special project that EPO was instrumental in launching, please visit the Valor Games Far West site.

EPO is recognized by the government to bid on government funded jobs. EPO has a DUNS number and can collect payment through SAM.